Simple and convenient calculation of VAT with an access to the whole base of the EU companies.

Value-added tax - an indirect tax by means of which a part of the value of a good or service is levied in favor of the state budget. It is charged in most countries of the world.
VAT ID number
VAT identification number (sometimes VATIN) - an identifier for the enterprises paying VAT, to keep track of VAT deductions at all the stages of the goods and services realization.
VAT rate
The interest rate, displaying the added value that is collected in the form of tax. Often, the reduced or zero VAT rates are set for some categories of goods and services
Our tools work directly with the database of the European Union. The process of synchronization with the national registration bases of VAT numbers of the companies takes a little time.
VAT Calculator & Advanced VAT Calculator automatically determine the country of registration and the needed VAT rate by the VAT number. Reduced and zero VAT rates are also taken into account.
The simplified tool version is convenient for calculating VAT for intra-country trading, and the Advanced VAT calculator allows you counting VAT for trade operations between companies registered in different EU countries.