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Standard VAT rate. Used in most cases

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    Standard VAT rate. Used in most cases

    This rate is applied to:

      • Some foodstuffs
      • water supplies
      • some pharmaceutical products
      • domestic passenger transport
      • admission to cultural events
      • some social housing
      • renovation and repair of private dwellings
      • some supplies and construction work for new buildings
      • some agricultural supplies
      • hotel accomodation
      • restaurants
      • admission to certain sports events
      • energy products (excluding district heating)
      • firewood
      • collection of domestic waste
      • some waste water treatment
      • alcoholic beverages in bars and cafes
      • take away food
      • cut flowers and plants for decorative use and food production.
      • Social and health services provided by social cooperatives and their consortia.
      • Some food products
      • certain medical equipment for disabled persons
      • certain books
      • newspapers and some periodicals
      • some e-books
      • online journals newspapers
      • TV licence
      • some social housing
      • some agricultural supplies
      • certain social services
      • some motor vehicles
      • some supplies for new buildings
      • some construction work on new buildings.
      • Supplies of land which cannot be used for building
      • intra-community and international transport.
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      For businessmen, it is very important to be able quickly and correctly calculate the value, called VAT (value-added tax). This will allow you assess correctly the costs of paying taxes and benefits from certain operations. This is especially difficult for entrepreneurs working in several countries since it is necessary to remember the taxation conditions in different countries. With our calculator, you can easily and quickly check the kind of tax rate for a given product in a particular EU country. Having determined with the rate you can quickly get the values of Netto, Brutto and VAT. The netto or brutto amounts can be used, as initial data. For all the countries of the European Union, we have collected information about the rates of VAT and business categories for which it has been reduced in our database. For convenience, you can also calculate the rates in any of the currencies of the European Union.

      You can calculate VAT in two ways with our service. If you know the netto amount (the cost of the goods without VAT tax), then you need to select the 'Add' action. If you know the brutto amount (the cost of the goods including tax), you must select the 'Exclude' action. In any case, after clicking 'Make Calc', there will be the results for the Netto, Brutto and VAT displayed.

      For a more detailed calculation, or for calculating the value of spends on global trading, we For a more detailed calculation of the tax values for the international trading, we recommend you to try the Advanced Calculator.